Animals' Disaster Team - Helping Your Pets When It's Needed the Most
Animals’ Disaster Team
History             This all-volunteer program, created in 1992 by concerned citizens, developed an emergency response plan that will provide emergency assistance, including temporary housing, food and basic first aid for all animals in the community. Working with local emergency authorities and the American Red Cross, this plan will help pet owners and their pets when help is needed the most.
Types of Disasters       Fires, severe weather, floods, chemical spills, tornado touchdowns and now terrorist activity could leave animals fending for themselves. Whether man-made or natural, people being evacuated from a dangerous area can be stressed and confused. The key to surviving a disaster is preparedness.
Public Safety                   When an evacuation occurs, people are directed to a local shelter, usually organized by the American Red Cross.  Pets are not allowed in these shelters due to safety and health regulations.
Human/Pet Bond          The ADT recognizes the important bond between pet owners and their pets. Past emergency situations have made us clearly aware that people have risked their own lives in attempts to save their animals. Public speakers are provided through  our organization to educate pet owners on how to be prepared for an emergency.
About the Team            Team members are trained and certified in areas of: human and animal behavior in crisis situations, geographic areas and all aspects of disaster response training, including hazardous material spills, animal handling, first aid for animals and transportation of animals to a safe location.  Continuing education classes, as well as drills include training in water rescue, recognizing severe weather and classes dealing with terrorism. The counties ready to respond at this time are: Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Summit.
ADT Needs                Volunteers are needed for immediate training. In addition, when a disaster happens, the ADT will need animal trained professionals to offer their expertise and support. Veterinarians, vet technicians, animal control departments, boarding facilities, local shelters and grooming kennels will be called upon to assist us. Donations are used to purchase much needed supplies and equipment including pet carriers and cages, humane traps, nets, blankets, bedding, pet food and medical supplies.
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