Animals' Disaster Team - Helping Your Pets When It's Needed the Most
The purpose of this non-profit organization is to provide the residents of certified ADT service areas with an emergency assistance plan for animals, in the event of a disaster or critical incident.  This plan will provide assistance to any and all animals residing in communities within Northeast Ohio.
The ADT will assist humans by providing temporary housing, food, basic first aid and general care for their animals, during and immediately following a disaster or critical incident.  Transportation of animals involved in the emergency to a safe location, will be provided by trained volunteers. These volunteers have been certified by the ADT as emergency animal responders or by local/county/state animal control personnel, designated by the ADT.
The ADT will work under the direction of local emergency authorities and with official emergency assistance organizations by agreement.
The ADT services are not strictly limited to responding to Northeast Ohio.  The ADT may, upon request of an emergency management agency, also respond to any crisis situation outside of the certified ADT counties.  As our service coverage expands to new communities, members will respond as necessary.
In addition, the ADT understands the need to inform the public about being prepared for disasters, and will provide speakers to promote preparedness throughout the communities.
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